Fall Sailing 2018 Semester


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Fall Schedule

  • Novice/Intermediate Optimist Fleet – Tuesday 3:00-6:00 from September 11- December 21

  • Green Fleet Optimist Racing – Thursday and/or Friday 3:00-6:00 from September 13- December 21

  • Champ Fleet Optimist Racing – Wednesday and Friday 3:00-6:00 from September 12- December 21

  • High School JV Sailing – Tuesday and/or Wednesday 3:00-6:00 from September 11- December 20

  • High School Varsity Racing – Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-6:00 from September 11- December 20


Class Descriptions:


Prerequisites: None! This is our introductory, learn-to-sail class for sailors 7-11 years old. We recommend that sailors coming over from SeaShells who have limited experience sailing start here. It is also recommended sailors restart here if they have not sailed since last summer.

Description: This is our introductory sailing class geared towards first-time sailors and first-time program participants. Sailed in 8’ pram style dinghies, known as Optimist SailCubes, sailors gain hands on experience under the supervision of certified instructors. This class has a linear progression that teaches and builds on fundamental skills such as; rigging your boat, steering, body placement, sail trim, tacking/gybing, sail theory and much more! Sailors sail in pairs to gain confidence on the water.  It is common for participants to repeat this class more than once.

After completion of the Novice portion (first seven weeks), sailors transition into the Intermediate half of the class.  Sailor begin sailing fiberglass "race" Optimist and learn more advanced techniques.



Prerequisites: Enrollment in the SBYSF Spring or Fall program in the Optimist Novice, Intermediate or Optimist Green Fleet Racing.  Alternatively, a strong command of the following skills; rigging/derigging one’s boat, sailing on all points of sail and confidence on the water.

Description: Welcome the the world of youth sailboat racing!  This exciting step is aimed to have sailors gain knowledge and skills necessary to start racing.  Topics covered include; basic rules of racing, starting technique, race course familiarity, more advanced boat handling, introduction to boat speed and more.  Sailors are encouraged to participate in local regattas such as the SBYC Goblin.



Prerequisites: Current participation in SBYSF’s Optimist Champ Fleet and/or approval by SBYSF Program Director and Head Optimist Coach is required.  Racing at a similar program is also subject to approval.

Description: SBYSF’s Optimist Champ Fleet is a high-level training group working towards success. The class is aimed at providing sailors the skills necessary to compete at the regional, national and international level.  Many participants are actively racing at the USODA National-level. Coaches follow a programming model which is tuned toward addressing and working on sailors weaknesses and strengths. Many topics are covered including; advanced boat handling, boat speed work, improved training processes, starting technique, strategy/tactics, team racing and racing rules. Sailors are highly encouraged to participate in the Carrie, Harken, WCCs, PCCs, as well as National-level events.


High School jv

Prerequisites: None or some! High School JV is designed for pre-teen and teenage sailors with little to no sailing experience. This course is a precursor to the High School Varisity team.  Graduates of the Summer's CFJ Adventure Sailing are recommended to start here.

Description: This is our introductory class for sailors between the ages of 12-18. Held in CFJ’s, class of boat commonly raced through the United States, sailors will gain familiarity with sailing in a fun environment. Skills covered include; parts of the boat, rigging, steering, sail trim, tacking/gybing and an introduction to sailboat racing.

Sailors in the High School JV Program practice alongside the Varsity team on Tuesdays.  On Wednesdays, they build their skills in a smaller JV-only practice.


High School Varsity Team

Prerequisites: Prior to current experience on a High School Racing Team.  Participation in the SBYSF Summer CFJ Racing Program. Approval by SBYSF Program Director.

Description: Our High School Varsity Team commonly ranks amongst the top ten in the highly-competitive PCISA District.  The Varsity teams, representing various local schools, practice twice a week and travel to district events.  Sailors work on advanced boathandling, speed, starting, and tactics/strategy.